Elevate Your Attraction Ticketing

JMR Logics has supported point of sale software in North America’s premier tourist destinations for over three decades. Headquartered in the busy heart of Niagara Falls, we’ve surmounted challenges in the most heavily trafficked, high-volume environments. Now, we’re excited to unveil the culmination of our experiences — the Upper Rapids Point of Sale system.

Upper Rapids provides clarity and dependability for high-availability attractions, seamlessly marrying the promise of emerging web technologies with JMR’s profound operational understanding. Offering the reliability of offline functionality at each ticket station, Upper Rapids ensures that sporadic network connectivity is never a problem. Upper Rapids provides uninterrupted operations where the flow of guests matters the most. Completely managed through the web, Upper Rapids delivers the stability of an on-site solution without the need for servers. All sales data and ticket configuration are seamlessly exchanged with your cloud-based command centre, providing unparalleled convenience and control.

Upper Rapids has been in production for over five years at some of Niagara’s busiest attractions, including the Maid of the Mist boat tours, the New York State Park’s Cave of the Winds, and the Skylon Tower. Travel across the United States and you’ll find Upper Rapids at the Grand Canyon IMAX theatre and at California’s Hearst Castle.

We’d love to help elevate your attractions ticketing.
To learn more call John Riley at 905-374-2878 or email john@jmr.ca.

Key Features

Offline Capable for Uninterrupted Sales

Our clients go where the action is: down deep gorges, up mighty towers, spread across vast parklands, and afloat on the treacherous Niagara River. Spotty connectivity extreme environments can’t interrupt the flow of guests. Each Upper Rapids Point of Sale station operates independently of the server, allowing for a seamless flow of people and sales, even when the link goes down. 

Simplified Timed Ticketing for Capacity Management

High-volume attractions have unique capacity challenges. It’s not about assigning seats but controlling the flow of guests as they move throughout the experience. Upper Rapids’ simplified timed ticketing features were built for these real-world demands. With mobile scanners in hand, staff can track guests at multiple points of contact throughout their visit and make fast adjustments to available capacity on the fly. 

Extensive CRM Capabilities for Group Business

Upper Rapids offers extensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities beyond standard ticketing systems. Group sales staff can effectively manage bulk reservations, track inbound client emails, and keep extensive notes on meetings, contracts, and more.

Fully Integrated Online Sales

Upper Rapids allows clients to easily integrate an Online Shop into their existing website. Why manage another third-party web property when you can leverage the sales funnel and branding you’ve already built? Guests can quickly purchase tickets online in a simplified interface that’s fully integrated into your server, allowing for the self-selection of timed ticketing slots upon checkout. Our online sales are fully PCI compliant and securely processed by our partners at Shift4. All online sales data is instantly available from your server-back end and any Upper Rapids POS station or scanning device.